‘Doing More With Less’

Temporis Group is a group of businesses that invest in people, companies and disruptive technologies that have a positive impact on the way society and the planet interact.
The Groups employs people in London, San Francisco, Ireland, Australia and China.
The Group focuses on three separate strategies:

Disruptive Technology

Temporis Believes that digital technology will fundamentally change how individuals, businesses and society will operate for the better in the 21st Century.

As Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data and AI converge, businesses and operational models will become more efficient through fundamental change – adding economic value and reducing the impact on the Planet.


Change is also occurring in traditional
sectors such as home-building.

Built form, location, energy efficiency,
on-site generation and electric transportation are combined to create sustainable
communities of the future.

Investment Management

Temporis is an impact investment
manager which develops, builds, operates
and owns on behalf of third party
institutional investors.

We invest across asset classes to bring our clients what we believe to be the best ideas in renewable energy and clean technology, aiming to combine strong financial returns with environmental and social benefits.

We presently manage $625m of assets as of 30th September 2020.